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I am author Margrete Groes (Born Ernestine Margarete Blumenthal) telling my story of my childhood and youth growing up as a Jewish girl in Nazi occupied Denmark

I was born outside of marriage. My German/Jewish mother fled to Denmark in 1935, when I was just a few months old.

My book “She Loves To Ask Why” was created from the purchase of 133 archives from the Danish State Archives

The archives uncover the truth about a high ranking official in the Danish Police Department, who to an extent made it his mission to get young Ernestine Margarete Blumenthal deported back to Nazi Germany.

I was only one year old when he began his quest of having me deported.

The book is written in memory of Birgit Michelsen. 
Who was the teacher of Kaj Munck’s 5 children in the years leading up to his death, and later became my teacher and mentor.

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The famous liberation message from BBC London in May 1945